1. Writing bids/proposals/tenders for funding:

We help clients to identify UK, EU and international programme funding which can help them to achieve their aims. We assist them with concept development and project design and  with the production of competitive funding applications or tenders.  We can produce the full application or we can assist with drafting, editing and financial modelling in accordance with the eligibility requirements and criteria of the programme.

2. UK and international partnership brokerage:

We assist clients with finding, assessing and approaching suitable organisations from all sectors (UK and international) for collaboration and partnership working. We can advise on MoUs and service or partnership agreements and we also have experience of partnership and network management.

3. Interim or long-term project management:

We help clients to manage and deliver projects -  this includes ensuring compliance with funding programme regulations  and establishing systems for reporting and monitoring and financial controls as well as (in some cases) project implementation in accordance with aims and objectives. We also undertake external evaluations and preparation for audit.

4. Practical research and studies:

We are commissioned by clients to undertake practical desk or field research studies to provide evidence or baseline information to support both funding applications and project implementation.

5. Business advice and mentoring support to tech startups and social enterprises:

We help tech founders across a range of technologies (AI, Blockchain, IoT, VR&AR) and verticals (eHealth, Biotechnology, eCommerce, Fintech) to identify innovation grants to support their product development roadmap.

6. English language services:

For overseas clients who need to produce funding applications or research reports in English, we can also assist with the production or refinement of documents as well as bringing the benefits our wider relevant expertise to the assignments.

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