Otravista is a small consultancy which was established in 2002. The two partners have a combined total of 50 years’ experience of generating funding from UK and European programmes through bids and competitive tenders.  We work across many sectors and we have specialist experience in the creative industries and education. We have developed and managed projects with a wide range of clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors in the UK and Europe, including government and national agencies, local authorities, industry and community organisations, NGOs, colleges and universities. These projects have supported:

  • Cross-sector co-operation:  Creating opportunities for organisations from business, education and the third sector to work together on knowledge transfer, raising skills levels, building capacity and enhancing the lives of communities and individuals.

  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship:  Helping business start-ups, SMEs and social enterprises to grow, compete, innovate and become sustainable within a rapidly changing economy as well as fostering creative and entrepreneurial approaches within education and training.

  • International partnerships and consortiums: Facilitating collaboration between organisations from different countries in Europe and other parts of the world for the exchange of knowledge, experience, policy and global learning and to identify solutions to shared problems.

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