Otravista is Spanish for ‘another view’ which is what we aim to bring to our work and to our clients:  the fresh thinking of someone looking at your organisation or new venture and then helping you to:

  • shape your vision and strategy                                  
  • plan effectively
  • develop relevant partnerships                                   
  • source and access funding
  • manage projects, contracts and operations             
  • realise your goals

Our clients are FE colleges, universities, national and international agencies, local and regional government, NGOs, industry sector bodies, enterprises.

The current economic climate and policy framework presents both challenges and opportunities for organisations from all sectors and many of these are diversifying their focus and seeking new ways of generating income and providing services, whilst maintaining their core values and high standards.  At the same time, effective delivery of contracts becomes even more crucial.

With our creative, flexible approach and our significant experience of project and partnership development, income generation, project and operations management, knowledge exchange and international mobility, Otravista can help.












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