BDU for FE Colleges

‘Business Development Unit’ – A new service for FE colleges

Helping you to identify opportunities and ensure effective delivery

Having worked for many years within and with the Further Education sector in the UK, the Otravista partners understand the current challenges faced by FE colleges.   Budget cuts as well as changes to the way in which colleges are funded have not only resulted in large-scale redundancies for a most  but has also obliged many to change their structure and to assign a wider portfolio of responsibility to senior and middle management posts.

Whilst a significant number of colleges can no longer afford to maintain a discrete business development, enterprise or international unit with dedicated senior members of staff, diversification of funding sources and effective delivery of contracts to ensure that income is maximised has perhaps never been so important.

With these factors in mind, Otravista has developed a new service for FE clients.  Instead of colleges needing to invest in permanent staff, we can offer a ‘Virtual Business Development Unit’ – support from the Otravista partners with the planning and implementation of business and partnership activity and contracts management.  We can work at your premises with existing staff teams, externally or a mixture of the two.

The Otravista partners are able to bring their many years’ experience of and a proven track record in:

  • business development and innovation
  • Successful income generation from a wide range of UK, European and international sources via bids and tenders, in addition to preparation of funding strategies
  • relationship building, brokerage and management of partnerships and sub-contracting (UK and international)
  • Project and operations management and effective contract delivery
  • Trouble-shooting on under-performing contracts and projects
  • Preparation for audit
  • Internal and external evaluation
  • Marketing, promotion and dissemination of project outcomes
  • Strategic planning and innovation
  • Action research
  • Committee work at national and regional level

In addition to the above, we are able to offer the benefits of a decade of consultancy and our work with government departments, national agencies NGOs and organisations from a range of sectors in the UK and overseas, as well as understanding of the European and UK policy environment for FE and vocational education.

Please contact us to discuss your college’s needs and a tailored service package.





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