International export potential of UK Museums & Galleries (2009)

This  study for UKTI explored the potential for B2B business relationships between the galleries and museums sub-sector in the UK and Europe.

Prof. Dev. for Non-native Speaker Teachers of English

This report was commissoned by English UK and support by the Prime Minister’s Initiative for International Education (PMI2).  It concerned the role of international vocational partnerships within continuing professional development for non-native speaker teachers of English language.

‘A Review and Taxonomy – International College Partnership Models’  (2008)

This publication for the British Council analysed the different models and structures used to support international partnerships activity in the vocational sector.

Tool Kit for International Partnerships (2009)

TheTool-kit was produced by Otravista for the British Council.  The key target audience was vocational colleges but the principles may be adapted to assist with effective project development and management in a range of contexts.





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